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Being Fully Human: Dismantling Race and Racism in Conscious Communities

Join the Kopanya Institute on an eight-week online journey exploring race and racism in spiritually and socially motivated communities – from communities of practice and non profit organisations, to spiritual and religious communities, to yoga and therapeutic communities and spaces.

The course provides an opportunity to hold a mirror up to the narratives and practices that exist in these spaces that seek to connect people to themselves, each other, and often ‘the Divine’ or ‘greater good’ – yet can lead to experiences of alienation, exasperation, disconnect and trauma. We will present a range of models, reflexive exercises and practical tools to support you in working through the energy and emotions of race and racism in an embodied and integrated way, so that you can find right relationship to your heart, gut, and own expression, building pathways to healthy communication and connection with others.

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Talking to Kids About Race and Racism

Join the Kopanya Institute for an 8 week online course exploring how to talk to kids of all ages, and other adults, about race and racism. The course is designed for anyone who is curious about how to have these conversations with kids, from parents and teachers, to caregivers and aunts/uncles – whether you have kids or not, this course is for anyone with an interest in a simple and accessible way of approaching what can be an intimidating subject!

The energetics of racialised encounters are challenging at the best of times, affecting us in profound physical ways. In interactions with children these can be even more difficult and confusing. Through practical tools and reflective exercises, and looking at real examples of the difficult questions kids ask, and the racialised situations they find themselves in – we help you to become equipped to support young individuals in their own task of meaning-making in a complex world, in a way that is true for them.

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