Our Story

Where we come from

We have journeyed through a diversity of fields, from academia, the arts, and the corporate, government, and civil society sectors, and bring these experiences and insights into our work as facilitators and artists. 

Our Name

What Kopanya means

Kopanya is a Sesotho name that means “to connect”, “to unite” or to “bring together”. We want to help bridge gaps and fractures in families, in relationships, in teams, in educational institutes and in our day-to -day interactions that are so often affected by race, gender, religion, social class, sexual orientation etc.

Our Logo

Why Stepping Stones?

Our experience working with a large range of organisations and individuals has given us a keen sense of the opportunities, challenges, fears, and common pitfalls that face those who seek change. Our goal is to provide tools that are solid yet simple, for navigating turbulent times, one step at a time.

………The Future