The Future

As founding members of Kopanya, our lives have been deeply ingrained and informed by the struggle to dismantle the architecture of racism in society and in our own psyches. We are the children of anti-apartheid activists, domestic workers, immigrants and exiles, and all apartheid ‘race’ groups.

Our flagship course, ‘How to Talk to Kids About Race & Racism’, explores how race actually has less to do with skin colour and more to do with historical relations of power and oppression to serve economic and political means, as well as interpersonal domination. We explore the embodied reality of being ‘racialised’, and the legacies of trauma that sit in our systems as parents and individuals.

And we look at how to work with our own bodies, our brain and heart and guts, to find centred and grounded ways to meet our children’s difficult questions without transferring our trauma onto them anew, so that they can live the liberation we hope for.

Sarah Ping Nie Jones, Mpho Tsekwa & Jennie Tsekwa