Talking to Kids About Race and Racism

“This journey changed me! I started the course with a fair bit of anxiety but almost immediately could experience the warmth and professionalism of the facilitators – the course is extremely well structured, researched and facilitated with great care. I really enjoyed the format of the group conversations and found practical tools for immediate use in my life as well as made some truly life changing insights. Although it’s ostensibly about how to talk to children about race and racism it is really about discovering how we all need to do this. Thank you for an incredible experience! I highly recommend this course and look forward to repeating it one day.” – Jane Visser-Birch, Architect

“This is a great course for people of all ages and backgrounds who are willing to build a country that is united and embracing of one another. The course offers a platform where you can just be yourself without fear of being judged and being put in a certain box.” – Rose Nkomo, Head of Diversity Curriculum

“I would like to express my gratitude to Kopanya in putting this together and having such dedicated, willing and passionate individuals.  A real breath of fresh air … It is a course that helps you grow as an individual no matter your history or identity.” – Mazlan Govender, Contract Manager

“This course was absolutely brilliant! It helped me understand myself and others better, and made me determined to continue unpacking the past and continue with these important conversations with fellow South Africans. Every South African should do it!” – Patrick Lees, Headmaster

“I loved this journey with Kopanya and am immensely grateful for this work, the learning community of committed people determined to repair and change the world and themselves. Kopanya offers such skilled facilitation with so much tender care, love, attention to detail, openness, fragility, vulnerability and no judgement. What struck me and what I didn’t expect is to learn how to manage the political with the felt-sense in my body. Such vital timely important anti-racism personal and professional development, helping us grow together, heal from racism and unlearn and breakthrough racism…learn to have better inter-generational dialogues, and helping us work towards what can perhaps be called a ‘trans-racial’ world where we can celebrate difference without perpetuating inclusion and exclusion.” – Tania Katzschner, Senior Lecturer

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Being Fully Human: Dismantling Race and Racism in Conscious Communities

“This journey has been profound and deeply life-changing for me! The content was so thorough, user-friendly and well-researched, the facilitators were great and held the space so safely.To be truly seen, heard, held and witnessed in whatever we were sitting with, free from any shame or judgement – that is the only way to truly do this difficult and beautiful work.There are no words to express the depth and extent of my gratitude to Kopanya. Thank you.” – Megan Moll, Trauma Release Practitioner

“This course offered a healing space to process generational trauma that racism has bequeathed to black people.” – Anonymous

“This course has helped me to be in touch with my feelings, and gave me the strength to go against my own internalized oppression.” – Anonymous

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Conversations about Race & Racism: An online course for Leadership and Management Teams

“I started this course with the outlook that maybe this is not really for me but soon realised with the guidance of the facilitators, material in the workbooks and exercises that I have lots to learn. The course also made me aware of facts I did not know regarding history facts and changes in our country, and gave me a sense of responsibility. It has been a very interesting and eye opening experience for me. What struck me most is the impact we still see today of past events, and how slowly the wheels of one’s mindset turns with regards to this. I am walking away uplifted, motivated, more informed, open minded and eager to make a difference in my own capacity.” – Finance manager

“Insightful and inspiring. I walked away with hope as well as a feeling of empowerment on how to deal with complex transformation and diversity challenges in the workplace.” – HR Executive, Retail

“What stood out for me was the manner in which we could freely discuss racism, which is something I think we would have never have been able to if we had not gone through the course. I also got a chance to see thing from another person’s perspective. I liked the work books because they were rich with information and some real life examples/case studies of things that we can also apply practically. I appreciated the willingness of the facilitators to go the extra mile in supporting us through the journey.” – Mill manager, Forestry and Lumber

“It has been brilliant. I am walking away with more empathy and a better understanding what racism actually means. My light-bulb moment was finally understanding the difference between racism and hate/exclusion. I would happily recommend Kopanya’s online course on Race & Racism for Leadership and Management teams to any organization or business. The course facilitators navigates complex and sensitive topics with a aplomb that can only come from years of experience and a genuine passion for what they are doing. The course is well structured and I not only found it illuminating, but also enjoyable.” – Plantation Manager, Forestry and Lumber

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