Being Fully Human: Dismantling Race and Racism in Conscious Community Course Details

Being Fully Human: Dismantling Race and Racism in Conscious Community Course Details

Designed to accommodate full lives and busy schedules, the course provides:

  • An opportunity for exploration of the dynamics in communities that seek to ‘do good’ – through a personal and collective lens
  • Conceptual clarity around race, racism, racial trauma, whiteness and privilege – and reflective exercises exploring how these are embodied in our everyday lives and within conscious community.
  • Space to explore individual and collective pathways to authenticity and liberation, and to create an environment conducive to this within conscious community.

The course is comprised of:

  • Comprehensive workbooks with both conceptual and practical content
  • 6 interactive modules guided by one of Kopanya’s experienced facilitators and summary video clips by the Kopanya team
  • Personal and interactive reflective exercises, with online submissions 
  • Supportive community during and after the course      

The workbooks, accompanied by the recorded videos, are structured around the following themes/modules:

  • Guiding principles and models for dismantling race and racism
  • A trauma-informed approach to the embodied ‘energetics’ of race and racism
  • The historical construction of ‘race’ and contemporary manifestations of racism
  • Detailed exploration of how race and racism show up in conscious community
  • Building individual, community, and organisational capacity for authentic inclusion
  • Liberation, healing, and restitution

As an optional yet recommended component, the facilitators – trained coaches and therapists – offer one-on-one coaching sessions to support integration and application of the materials into your day-to-day life.

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