Creative Offerings

Telling Stories till Dawn

Showed at the Pop Art Theatre, Maboneng January 2020 & Soweto Theatre, February 2020.

We entered the year with a keen awareness of the need for transformative work to address the persistent challenges around identity, inequity and power in the fractured society we live in; the scale and depth of what is possible when we enter in deep listening and connection with each other; and the liberation of finding our own unique voice(s) and expression.

In this spirit, Mpho wa ha Tsekwa (one of Kopanya’s founding directors) performed in the 2-man show “Telling Stories Till Dawn” on Friday night (21 February at 20h00) and Sunday afternoon (23 February at 15h00).

The play tells stories as seen through the eye of a man/woman on the street – who acknowledges ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ of pre-and post-apartheid South Africa. It is also a lamentation about the ‘miscourage’ of the ‘better life for all’ promise by the new (and ‘old’) elites. Written and directed by Kgosana Thekwane, and performed by Mpho Wa Ha Tsekwa and Paseka Kgabo Ramela, the show uses a combination of humour and deep insight to guide the audience on a journey through South Africa’s past and present realities.

Mpho has worked in theatre with Theks and Paseka since they were teenagers growing up in Soweto, and it was wonderful to witness the circle of life and art coming round again!


Umbilical Cords

Screened at various film festivals and broadcast television. Group screenings and discussion with the filmmakers on request.


SA Style

Exhibited at Spier Contemporary 2010.

S.A. STYLE reflects and refracts the myriad styles through which contemporary South Africans are expressing themselves; communicating consciously and unconsciously with each other.  

This is a metaphorical antidote to apartheid, which used the brutally limiting categories of race to group people. We show that people coalesce around an infinite number of shifting affiliations and identities. Their agency in this process is represented here by the vivacious practice of style.

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