Diving Deeper: Talking to Kids About Race and Racism – Part Two course details

Diving Deeper: Talking to Kids About Race and Racism – Part Two course details

The course duration is 9 months, with topics each month as follows:

Month 1: First group call with introductions, course orientation and container setting

Month 2: The Body and Trauma

Topic 1: Embodied awareness (Deepening our understanding of the nervous system and the deep body work that is required to dismantle oppressive systems/generational wounding)

Topic 2: Trauma and healing (Building our tool kit to recognise and heal racialised trauma in ourselves and in our children)

Month 3: The “small stuff” IS important!

Topic 1: The language and terminology we use (Deepening our awareness of the impact of our words and how to disrupt commonly held narratives and labels with the words we choose)

Topic 2: Unconscious bias and micro-aggressions (How do I explain to my child why they weren’t invited to the birthday party or picked for the team? What about the micro-aggressions they are experiencing at school? What do I do?)

Month 4: Navigating the school environment

Topic 1: Voice and accountability (How to advocate on your child’s behalf without fear of victimisation, and how to help them know how to stand up for themselves in the face of racism, name-calling or other forms of exclusion and discrimination)

Topic 2: Teaching critical consciousness (How to integrate race and racism consciousness into the curriculum for both parents and teachers)

Month 5: Raising activists and active citizens

Topic 1: Talking politics at home or at school (How to navigate conversations in your family or extended family about politics, and how to talk to kids about politics and the intersection of this topic with race and racism in highly racialised societies)

Topic 2: Poverty consciousness (How to have conversations with your child about poverty, class, economic hardship vs wealth)

Month 6: Tough topics revisited – representivity at work and in other spaces

Topic 1: Religion, race and racism (How to consciously decolonise spirituality and religion in your home; what do I do if my child sees or experiences racism or discrimination in a spiritual community or religious context)

Topic 2: Explaining EE and BBBEE (How do I talk about these topics with kids? What am I communicating to my children about transformation in South Africa?)

Month 7: Where we come from and how we respect where each other comes from

Topic 1: Ancestry and roots (How do we make sense of and talk to our children about difficult or lost ancestries? How do we role model a celebration and deepening of rootedness?)

Topic 2: Cultural appreciation versus appropriation (What do we do about Heritage Day? And other tough questions!)

Month 8: Who am I/Who are you, and how to care for self/each other holistically

Topic 1: Role-modelling self-care practices (Practices to support ourselves in this work as parents, teachers, caregivers – music, breathing, yoga – and how to pass this on to our kids)

Topic 2: Intersectionality for young people (Understanding and helping kids understand the intersecting aspects of our identity, such as gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, etc.)

Month 9: Wrapping up reflections and closing call


The “Diving Deeper” course will build on and incorporate the core tools introduced in our “Talking to Kids about Race and Racism” course, including the creation of a container for safety, the Brain Heart Gut tool and the What Kids Need model. As a result, applicants who would like to participate in this Part 2 Diving Deeper course must have first completed Part 1 even if it was several years ago.

For any individuals who have not had the opportunity to complete Part 1, but would like to join the 2024 cohort for Diving Deeper, an online bridging course will be offered (dates to be announced), and will cost R700 to attend.

The cost for the full 9-month course is R7500 (excl VAT) – or 3 payments of R2500 each.

Details of the guest speakers will be released soon!

Next cohort starting on 28th February 2024

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